About us

Peru Travel Aid is a free emergency and advice service that was started by travelers to help other travelers in need. We provide on the ground emergency support and advice to English-speaking travelers in Cusco.

Many tourists often ask the same questions, “What can I do if I lose my passport? Who can I turn to if my luggage is delayed or lost? Where do I go if I’m suffering from altitude sickness?”

These are real problems that can turn your dream vacation into a nightmare, if you don’t have someone looking out for you. That’s where Peru Travel Aid comes in. Peru Travel Aid is powered by PeruForLess, a travel agency with over 10 years of experience in personalized tours.

Bernard Schleien, founder of Peru for Less, said Peru Travel Aid’s aim is for visitors to feel safe and at home in Cusco.

“Cusco is a leading tourism destination that welcomes about 1 million travelers every year, and anything can happen,” Bernard says.
“That’s why we created this completely free service to help all visitors.”

After three decades of working in the traveler industry, Bernard has witnessed cases when miscommunication nearly led to big misunderstandings that could have ruined a traveler’s experience. Usually, miscommunication leads to comical error, but in emergency situations, when there is no time for error, it pays to have a reliable and knowledgeable aide.

If you don’t have someone looking out for you, that’s where Peru Travel Aid comes in.

PeruTravelAid.org is also a great source for informative travel advice and articles, written by our in-house team of travel experts.