Our Team

Bernard Schleien
Founder of Peru Travel Aid

Bernard, Peru Travel Aid

Bernard attended Southwestern University at Georgetown, TX, one of the leading liberal arts colleges in the USA. After graduating with a major in history, he founded Peru For Less in 1998 and has ever since devoted his professional life to building memories of Peru for all. He has learned that there is much more to life than the ever so constant work day, and is one of seven founding members of Peru Futbol – a Peruvian NGO that aims to bring thousands of Peruvian children out of poverty, while instilling values through the teachings of soccer.

Bernard has a love for Peru (especially Cusco), like so many, and finds it extremely gratifying at the end of each day that he is able to sell something he truly believes in. He has lived in Cusco for 6 months, and goes there at least 3 times a year. Other interesting factoids about Bernard: Seinfeld fanatic, Cienciano del Cuzco soccer club team rooter, independent rock music appreciator, bicycle rider, creative writer, gourmand, and skilled micro brewed beer sampler (he says he just likes the taste).

Dario Meneses
Peru Travel Aid Coordinator

Dario, Peru Travel Aid












A native of Cusco, Dario takes pride on being a highlander. While never having seen a single Indiana Jones film in his life, his interest in Archaeology started at an early age when he became enthralled with the study of ancient peoples, the way they lived, and what they believed in. Dario’s burning desire and acute curiosity to discover all that can be explained without using math (his nemesis) has been satisfied while studying Archaeology at the Catholic University of Peru.In order to use this knowledge in a way that is more directly accessible to the public, he is working to become a licensed tour guide. Dario is also a firm believer that everyone has something to teach and something to learn. Apart from feeding his insatiable curiosity with new discoveries and teachings, Dario enjoys relaxing at coffee shops with friends while exchanging ironic jokes and odd comments on almost any subject.

Britt Fracolli
Latin America Travel Writer

Britt, Peru Travel Aid

After spending a year in Mexico City for graduate school, Britt returned to California where she worked as a grant writer until she could no longer ignore the sweet whispers of wanderlust.  Britt bought a one-way ticket to South America in June 2012, starting her journey in Argentina and slowly traveled north through Chile, Bolivia, and Peru.  The diversity of South America’s landscapes and the warmth of those she has met along the way continues to humble her. She now happily calls Peru home.